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We help bring electricity and light to homes and businesses across Tanzania by Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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Our Journey started here


Gibson Kawago, the founder grew up in a rural village called Iringa. There, his family and he lived without electricity, relying on kerosene lamps for most of their activities. Even his brother used these lamps for homework. It became evident that these lamps were detrimental to both human health and the environment. He disliked this situation, so he began collecting batteries and experimenting with ways to create a better power source, using sticks, rubber bands, and wires to fashion basic power banks.

Over time, the vision for WAGA started to take shape, a solution to Tanzania’s electricity needs that was solar-powered and sustainable. Today, he collaborates with institutions and other solar companies to provide dependable battery solutions.

His aim was to break the cycle of battery waste, and he found a source of discarded batteries to repurpose for this purpose. Everyone involved is dedicated to making this change as impactful as possible.

What We Are Building Right Now

Lithium-Ion Battery Packs to power Everything !

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Powering homes

We provide PAWA Packs capable of powering electrical devices from TVs, radios, mobile phones, and lights, recharged by solar panels. 

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Lighting Businesses

We provide efficient PAWA Packs mini with lamps to help local businesses conduct business at night for up to 14 hours replacing kerosene lamps.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries

We produce customized battery packs for wireless speakers(JBL, T8, Harman Kardon etc.) , modems, VFD Machines at your required capacity and voltage.

Our Impact

Creating A better africa

From small homes in rural areas using WAGA battery solutions to charge phones and appliances, to small local businesses having renewable energy at night, we can see the impact on the members of the African community.

Powering small Businesses.


We are creating a high tech CITI with e-mobility, solar farms and all clean technologies, one battery at a time.

Our Supporters And Partners

The ones who have contributed to the success and impact of our endeavors and have helped us reach our current achievements.