WAGA’s Founder Gibson Kawago Selected by the UN – Meet the 2022 Cohort of Young Leaders for the SDGs

Gibson Kawago from Tanzania selected by the United Nations as a Young Leader For SDGs.

Every two years, this flagship initiative recognizes 17 young change-makers who are leading efforts to combat the world’s most pressing issues and whose leadership is catalyzing the achievement of the SDGs. Following an open call for applications earlier this year, which resulted in more than 5,400 applications from over 190 countries, this next group of Young Leaders hail from all corners of the world and work across all pillars of the UN.

Gibson Kawago is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of WAGA, which aims to reuse laptop batteries and provide affordable, reliable and durable lithium-ion battery solutions. WAGA produces solar lamps, power banks and mini-power walls to help rural dwellers access off-grid clean and affordable energy for lighting and power solutions, and urban dwellers access electricity in times of power-cuts and for e-mobility. 

Born in a village in Tanzania with no access to electricity, Gibson had to travel over 32 miles to deliver mobile phones to a charging station. He spent four years volunteering, leading youth and offering career guidance, digital job access training and applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to develop innovative solutions to solve societal problems. In 2019, he moved hundreds of kilometers away from his town to work as a manager in the establishment of the STEM Park Tanga, the first science centre in Tanzania.

Currently, Gibson is also working with Wasafi FM radio station to support with educating over 13 million people on solving digital problems and raising awareness of new technologies.